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I'm a bit of a dork. I sleep with my Blackberry. Aside from the fact that it doesn't snore or kick me in the middle of the night, I like to wake up and check emails from my bed. Yes, my life is THAT exciting.

Usually there's a laugh or two in my email...and maybe one day the announcement that I've finally won a trip to someplace tropical. I'm not sure if the first email I read today was meant to make me laugh or make me realize that I sleep with a phone. Something is just not right with my life.

From Women's Health
date Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 7:42 AM
subject56 Reasons to Have Sex

How on earth did I get on this mailing list??? Is this a hint? How about I give them just ONE reason I can't have sex???? Could it be that I sleep with a phone?

Of course, I clicked on the link because I am curious by nature and wanted to indulge in the "What if I actually had a man to wake up to, not a piece of technology" thought process....
Just in case I actually wake up one day finding myself in need of 56 more reasons to have sex (I can think of one right's fun...from what I recall, of course!).

Once I got by the headline of "It's Not Just for Tickling Your Taco" (whattttt??????????), I read that sex is good for:

Prevents Tooth Decay! Go figure, I've been brushing a minimum of 3x a day and all I have to do is have sex???

You'll Get More Sleep! I can't justify this one because if I were actually HAVING sex, I'd not want to sleep. However, if it's a cure for my insomnia, then I want some of what she's having.

More Regular Menstrual Cycles! Hello, I don't even like the one I get once a month. Why would I want MORE?? This is not a benefit. Cross it off the list.

Can Bring Temporary Headache Relief! I get frequent headaches and I'd be very willing to do this over taking Excedrin. If Mr. RightForEver is part of my future life, then I'd be happy to fake a headache daily just to get it on.

It Slows the Aging Process! Sign me up. Botox is just way too expensive and I hate needles.

Well, after perusing the list of 57 reasons to have sex, I had a little talk with my Blackberry. Sort of a "What have you done for me lately" conversation. Oh, that's right, it keeps my insane life organized. Hey, Blackberry, if I promise to keep you by my pillow, could you possibly have the smarts and technology to find me someone a bit more human so I don't have to read articles like this and think about them all day?

Back to real life.....

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