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Photo credit: dogseat

When I wrote about the Top 10 Fashion Mistakes that you should NEVER make, life coach Tim Brownson commented that I forgot the mullet. He said, “The mullet has to be the worst thing ever, there’s no competition in my book.” Tim’s comment inspired this post, so if you like this post, you should thank him, and if you hate this post, you might as well direct your hate email and your hate comments to Tim as well. ;)


1950s: Beehive Hair
Beehive hair first showed up in the late 50s and continued to be popular during the 60s. It was quite elaborate and required A LOT of hairspray.

Photo credit: Banlon1964


Early 1960s: Big, Stiff, Very “Done” Hair
Can you imagine running your fingers through THAT?

Photo credit: Dr. Monkey


1970s: The Farrah Fawcett Flip, or Feathered Hair
This style was weird-looking even when it framed Farrah’s beautiful face. It was even more difficult to pull off for ordinary women.

Photo credit: watsonsinelgin

There was a male version too:
Photo credit: DCvision2006


1970s - 1980s: Tight Perm, A.K.A Poodle Perm
This is more than a tight perm - it’s a tight perm cut in mullet style. Double whammy!

Photo credit: La Belle Province


1980s: Big Hair
The eighties were all about power dressing, big shoulders, lots of jewelry and of course BIG hair. You will likely need a combination of hair mousse, hair gel and hairspray to recreate this lovely look.

Photo credit: ninjapoodles


1970s-1990s: Mullet
A Mullet is a hairstyle that is short in the front, top, and sides, but long in the back. This hairstyle was popular from the early 1970s to the early 1990s.

Photo credit: FatMandy


1980s: Mohawk
The Mohawk is a hairstyle which consists of shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the middle. Mohawks became common in youth punk subcultures in the early 1980s, then gradually spread to mainstream fashion. The hair in the middle is often elaborately shaped:

Photo credit: Ethan Woods

Or colored:

Photo credit: Malingering


Timeless: The Combover
A combover is a hairstyle worn by bald or balding men in which the hair on one side of the head is grown long and then combed over the bald area to minimize the display of baldness.

Donald Trump made this hairstyle famous:

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

But lots of non-billionaire men sport this hairstyle too:

Photo credit:


Special bonus: 70s wigs. JUST. AWESOME.

Photo credit: sugarpie honeybunch

Photo credit: Sugarpie Honeybunch


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