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2010 Gotz 1020953 Muffin Doll 33 cm / 13 inches

33 cm / 13 inch
Brown Hair
Sits up on her own
Vinyl head, arms and legs
Washable at 30° Celsius / 86° Fahrenheit

Dolls produced by Götz are made for play that enhances the development of your child!
The neutral expression, loving details and accesories as well as the ability to pose the doll in natural positions support the role playing of the child. Thus cognitive skills, motor skills, creative abilities and the social behavior of your child are all optimally developed!

Muffin has a wide variety of choices from the Dolls Boutique 30-33cm/12-13inch

All Gotz Dolls are absolutely free of phthalates!
All Gotz Dolls can be machine washed!

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