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made of high-quality mottled brown alpaca and finest felt
surface washable
limited edition, 1,500 pieces worldwide
hand-made basket of finest wool felt
with gold-plated ”Button in Ear”
9 cm / 3.6 inches

This little Easter bunny made of finest-quality alpaca has built a cuddly, warm, little nest for the holidays. Now he is peeking happily and contentedly out of his festively- decorated, green felt basket. Here he likes to snuggle his naturally soft, fluffy fur against the beautiful Easter flowers made of soft, handmade wool felt. It almost seems as if he were enthusiastically smelling the flowers with his delicate little nose. Being an excellent host, he is always delighted when dear friends come around to call. He is pleased to welcome the adorable, little butterfly made of soft, yellow felt. The little butterfly makes himself comfortable on the handle of the basket. This makes for a truly Happy Easter – in every sense of the words!

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