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Celebrating Our Workforce

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Now that they are in fourth and fifth grade, my kids are really starting to think about what they want to be when they grow up. When they were really small, they wanted to have jobs that they were familiar with – like teachers and business people (the careers of their parents). As they got older, they started wanting the jobs they were learning about in books and on TV. But as they’ve grown, they have started to look at their own interests. It’s interesting to see them realize that everything they love has come as a result of someone’s job.

One of the things they’ve always loved is animals. We started going to zoos when they were babies, and always try to include a trip to a zoo and/or aquarium when we go on vacation. They love seeing the animals, learning about them, and exploring the different types of animals that live in different climates.


Kronos, as part of their 1 in 100 Million series, has just posted their latest video – all about zookeeper Jenny Theuman. In the video, Jenny talks about the difference between the perception and reality of her job, which includes cleaning, animal training, enrichment, and so much more. She didn’t even realize that zookeeper was a job, and started out in the culinary field, eventually returning to school for environmental science. She discusses the difficulty breaking into the field, and how she started with an internship at a local zoo in New Bedford, MA (which happens to be the local zoo right near where I grew up).


Kronos’ 1 in 100 Million Series features the stories of everyday people in the workforce. Each month, there is a new featured worker. I’ve enjoyed watching all of them, especially the union electrician (my dad’s job before he retired), hotel front desk clerk, and teacher. Visit the 1 in 100 Million website, and subscribe to receive each new video. You can also find all of the existing videos there – they are also great to watch with your kids.

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