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Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I enjoy watching sports, but I’ve always preferred baseball season to football season. However, in New England, football is a big deal, and it’s something most people talk about – especially on Mondays. I recently learned about Yahoo! Sports Daily Fantasy, which makes the process of watching sports even more entertaining. It’s a fun way to learn more about the game and follow along. I decided to try out the service this past Sunday, for football. Although football isn’t my favorite sport, I really wanted to learn more about it and make it fun for me to watch. As I did research for my team, I found that I learned more about the sport overall, and by tracking my team, I was rooting for specific players and outcomes. It definitely makes watching sports even more fun!

Signing up was straightforward – here’s what I had to do.

First, sign in with your existing Yahoo ID. Then click over to Yahoo! Sports Daily Fantasy.

From there, add funds to your account to participate in a paid contest. You can add more than you need to use for future games.

yahoodailyfantasyEnter one of the contests from the available options in the lobby. There are so many different options, for all different sports.

Next is the fun part – choosing your lineup. While signing up is simple, this is definitely a game of skill. Yahoo! Sports Daily Fantasy provides some basic stats that you can use in selecting your lineup. You are given a budget (totally separate from the cost of the game), and need to stay within that limit. Yahoo! encourages players to watch videos and read articles from Yahoo Fantasy experts as background information for choosing their lineups. For me, this is the most fun part of creating a team – getting as much for your budget as possible.

Once you submit your lineup, it’s fun and easy to track your standings. The game we choose ran from late afternoon on Sunday through Monday Night Football, with our standings changing throughout the games. Our ranking was is in the low 100s for most of the day, and ultimately was 189. I loved keeping up with our ranking throughout the day as we watched the various games, and will definitely play again next week. As I mentioned, football isn’t a must-watch sport for me, but participating in Daily Fantasy made me eager to watch the games throughout the day.

Yahoo! Sports Daily Fantasy is currently the only fantasy sports operator that offers both full-season fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports. The multi-sport Yahoo Fantasy app lets you play both full season fantasy sports and Daily Fantasy in one experience. So, if you are a fantasy sports enthusiast, this is something else you can add in with what you are already doing. Yahoo! Sports Daily Fantasy does offer baseball as well in season. I definitely am looking forward to trying that in the spring.

Yahoo! Sports Daily Fantasy is great for all skill levels – there are also free contests to participate in. Currently, residents of AZ, FL, IA, MT, NV, LA and WA may only participate in free contests. To learn more, visit their website.


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