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Review of The Prime

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Like most people, I always have lofty goals for the New Year. But instead of having a specific weight loss goal this year, I’m more focused on getting healthy. I need to work out more, and eat better, but I also want to be more mindful of what I’m putting into my body. In December, I received a copy of The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss, by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, and I’m excited to follow the plan and see where it takes me. It’s one of the first weight loss books that I’ve read that really seems to get to the root of weight and health issues. The program is based in Ayurvedic medicine.

Here’s the synopsis of The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss

About the Book

Integrative neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary discovered a beautiful side effect to the eating and lifestyle tools she gave her brain patients–shedding excess pounds. In this, her first book, she shows readers that weight gain is a result of the body being in a toxic, inflammatory state. If your body is not prepared or ‘primed’ for weight loss, you will fight an uphill biochemical battle, and the odds of succeeding are slim. So she’s reverse engineered our way of eating, so we can stop dieting backward and start succeeding instead.

Using a blend of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Chaudhary has crafted a plan like no other. In it, she shares:

  • The importance of neuroadaptation, food addiction, and the brain (or, why it’s not your fault that dieting has been so hard in the past!)
  • Why it’s not what you eat, but what you digest
  • How to determine if you have a Leaky Brain—and what The Prime can do about it (hint: everything)

The 4 Stages of the Prime

  1. Activate a Biochemical Shift
  2. Crush Cravings (No Willpower Required)
  3. Ignite Energy and Fat
  4. Biohack Your Lifestyle Habits

… and how they’ll help you spontaneously shed pounds, by adding (not subtracting) simple teas and supplements and without giving up any foods you love.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to live fully Primed, the secrets of the Super-Primed, and, when you’re ready to explore new foods, how to eat according to your unique constitution.

I read the whole book, and am following the first phase this month. I identified with so much of what Dr. Chaudhary describes in her book, and know that I can absolutely benefit from following her plan. One of the cornerstones of phase 1 is a special tea that is made with a selection of herbs. It was easy to find the herbs (which include fennel and coriander), and I’ve been drinking the tea daily for a few weeks. It tastes good, and I’m already noticing that my cravings for coffee and sugar have already decreased a bit. I’m giving myself about a month with phase 1 before I even start using my scale.

After reading the book, I had the opportunity to participate in a phone interview panel with Dr. Chaudhary. First, she addressed the question of how her program fits in with popular weight loss programs. She explains that the Prime is the first step.

….there’s this really important biochemical step missing. It’s a little bit like sending somebody out in the world to climb a mountain, then saying, I’m sorry, I forgot to give you the rope, and the shoes that you need to be wearing, and all the other tools that you expect them to use when they’re climbing that mountain. So I’m not against the climb, but give them the appropriate tools, so they’re like, “Hey, I’m actually scaling this thing, and I’m succeeding.”

What I would say is that there’s a step before you take that next step. Because I was trying to reverse neurological conditions, it was so obvious that I had to take that step in order to stop the brain from degenerating, but it’s the same step that you have to take to change the way that you’re eating.

I agree that you have to change the way that you’re eating, but we’re making people do it in the absolute hardest possible way.

As an active traveler, I was concerned about how all of the steps of The Prime would fit in with my travel schedule. I could see myself putting off starting because of an upcoming trip – eventually realizing that no time would ever be a good time. Here was Dr. Chaudhary’s response.

…I would say whenever you can, the parts that are challenging to do, like making the juice, you add it in. Just do the whole program slowly. Even though we have set this up as a program to be done over a specific amount of time, the reality is, when I was practicing medicine I had a lot of patients who were in the same boat that said, “Look, I really want to do this, but do I have to do this quickly?” The answer is no…

 I definitely recommend reading The Prime if you are interested in weight loss or general wellness. Dr. Chaudhary does a great job of describing the various phases, and explains what each specific thing does. To follow the plan, you will need to purchase some products, but I found that they were readily available.

To learn more about The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss, visit these resources.

ThePrimeAuthorPhotoAuthor Bio:

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary is a neurologist, and the director of Wellspring Health at Scripps Memorial Hospital and a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. She received her internship in internal medicine at UCLA and her neurology fellowship from UCSD. Her research includes groundbreaking work in stem cell therapies for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and drug development for the treatment of ALS. She is the co-founder of Habit Change, and she is committed to bringing national awareness to the need for a paradigm shift in medicine that focuses on patient empowerment and a health-based medical system.

This post is sponsored by Harmony Books. All opinions are my own. 

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