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The Best Kids Board Games
January 11th, 2016


Best Kids Board Games

AffiliatelinksWhile my family does enjoy playing with our electronic devices – including just about any iPad, WiiU, or computer game we can possibly play – we also enjoy old-fashioned board games.  One night a week, we pull out the family board games and turn off the television.  It’s a nice way for us to reconnect as a family.  It’s important to us that the kids feel equally involved in playing, so we try not to choose anything too complicated, and we’re always on the lookout for fun games that work for families with little kids. Here are some of our favorite board games for kids. I’ll keep adding to this list as we find more favorites.

Kids Board Games

Telestrations: This isn’t a technically a board game, but it’s so much fun and definitely worth being on this list. Telestrations, which is described as “The Telephone Game Sketched Out™”, is a game where players sketch out words and guess what they are. To play, you select a word, write it down, pass your book, sketch the word in the book you receive, pass the book again, and then guess what the word is. You continue passing the books, sketching, and guessing until everyone has had a turn. The result is so many funny guesses – we can’t get enough of this game. You can find it here on Amazon.

American Trivia Family Edition: I love this trivia game, because there are questions for the adults and questions for the kids. So the adults won’t necessarily win. There are lots of different question types, and it’s educational as well as fun. It’s available for purchase on

Clue: After we watched the Clue TV show DVDs a few years ago, my kids became obsessed with the game of Clue. The mystery, drama, and storyline are so compelling. You can find Clue at most stores, or online at

Monopoly Empire: I love the original Monopoly game, but it can definitely take a while to play. The Empire edition is still lots of fun, but takes less time than the original game. You can buy it on

(Sample received for review) Jake and the Neverland Pirates Who Shook Hook Board Game – My son is especially loving this game.  To play, you load up all of the loot that Captain Hook stole onto his hammock.  Then, while he’s napping, you try to remove the pieces without waking Hook.  It’s a fun game that my son can play – while it does require motor skills, it’s not too complicated, so the playing field is pretty level.  You can buy it at toy stores and online at

(Sample received for review) Super Friends Joker Fun House Game – In this game that both my son and daughter enjoy playing, each player chooses a superhero.  Then, as you progress through the board, you can use each superhero’s superpower – like X-ray vision –  to try and defeat the Joker.  Again, it’s a game that all ages can play, and my kids love experimenting with all of the superheroes’ powers.  You can purchase it at toy stores or online at

Disclosure: I received these games at no cost for review.  All opinions are my own. 

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