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Protected by Bitdefender BOX
January 12th, 2016

BOX BitDefender

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Like many of you, our home network powers a LOT of devices. From tablets to phones to computers to our SmartTV, we are a very connected family. I personally rely on three key devices for work and fun – my beloved MacBook Pro computer, my iPhone 6+, and my Kindle Fire HD (for reading books and watching TV online). When I travel – both on work and vacation trips, as well as journeys around town – I’m often found with these three devices (or my Microsoft Surface, which I sometimes use for travel).

Bitdefender BOX

It’s important to me that these key devices, as well as the devices that my family uses, are protected from various security risks. My laptop contains all of my business information, as well as family and travel photos, while my iPhone is my way to stay connected to everything when I’m on the go. I also use it for business – for things like Instagram, Facebook Pages, and photography. Finally, my Amazon Kindle is my entertainment. I rarely buy regular books now, preferring to download them to my Kindle. All of these devices must remain secure for myself and my business. Having security protection is essential. After installing my new Bitdefender BOX, these devices are now protected from risks such as malware and viruses. Instead of having to install specific software, the Bitdefender BOX is a piece of hardware that works directly through our internet. It protects everything connected to the internet, including our SmartTV, tablets, computers, and phones.

Connecting the small, lightweight Bitdefender BOX was pretty easy. You need to set it up with the app – available on either iPhone or Android platforms. I did have to make a quick change to our router, but it was straightforward. Overall, I had it working in about 10 minutes – which isn’t bad at all. By looking at the app, you can see which devices are connected. You can even allow guests’ devices to be protected. The app shows an alert every time a malware attempt is made – I’ve been surprised to see how many there have been.

Bitdefender BOX comes with a year of service, then it’s $99 per year. Bitdefender is also giving away 1,000 devices. To enter, post using #ProtectedbyBOX on Twitter or Instagram with the number of devices you have and/or why you want a Bitdefender BOX mentioning @BitdefenderBOX on Twitter and #BitdefenderBOX on Instagram to receive one (1) entry. See terms and conditions for more information

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