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Hatchimal Egg Youtube Video

Hatchimals How To Get Them

Are you ready to meet a magical creature that’s delivered in an egg? It’s time to get to know the Hatchimals and how to get them.

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There are two different, interactive Hatchimals available. You won’t know which Hatchimal you get until you open your egg.

Start loving and caring for your new friend even before it hatches; you’ll be able to see how it feels based on its cute sounds and light-up eyes.

Hatchimals How To Hatch
Hatchimal Eggs That Hatch

When the eyes go rainbow-colored.

You’ll know your Hatchimal is ready to hatch.

It’ll need your help;

Hatchimals how to come out of their shells? Not without you.

With your guiding touch, your new furry friend will peck its way out of its egg in a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Your new Hatchimal will go through three life stages: baby, toddler, and kid.

Listen for the sound of your pet’s distinctive “Hatchy Birthday” song to know when a new stage begins!

Hatchimals walk, dance, and play games

You can teach your Hatchimal to dance, play games, walk, and much more.

According to Us Weekly, the Hatchimal is this year’s must-have holiday toy.

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Those of us who have passed a certain age are feeling super-nostalgic for our virtual pets right now.

Want the rundown on the Hatchimal craze? It’s not too hard to explain. You start with an egg.

With enough care and attention, that egg will hatch and deliver an incredibly cute little stuffed animal.

Over time, that critter will grow and evolve, becoming first a baby, then a toddler, then a child.

Hatchimals grow up and evolve

Hatchimals come in five different species which, frankly, sound like Harry Potter creatures.

Owlicorns, Burtles, Draggles, Bearakeets, and Pengualas. Don’t think that your new stuffed buddy is going to be silent, either.

The critters sing their trademark tune (“Hatchy Birthday”) each time they graduate to a new growth stage.

Hatchimals begin their lives inside eggs. Nobody can tell what’s going to hatch out until they’re ready to be born!

Listen to their heartbeats, tap on their shells to hear them tap back, and give them the attention they need to hatch out of their shells!

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When the Hatchimal’s rainbow eyes are visible from inside its egg, it’s ready to come out.

Your new friend needs your help! Hold the egg close to encourage it to peck its way out.

Holding the egg close encourages it to peck out of egg

Your newly-hatched Hatchimal is ready to grow up. Teach it to walk, dance, sing, and play games as it makes its way through three unique life stages!

Hatchimals how to operate, they require 2 AA batteries (included) and are suitable for children ages five and up.

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