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Thomas The Train Toys asks, do you believe in flying trains? Well it’s about time you did! Thomas is off to the Great Railway Show.

But there’s a problem; the drawbridge that goes over the mainland is already up, oh no!

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It looks like he will need to find another way, in fact he’s going to climb the spiral line.

Just when it looks like he’s at the end of the line, a helping hand arrives in the form of Harold the helicopter.

Thomas’ Sky High Bridge Jump – It’s Time For Thomas To Take To The Air!

Harold flies Thomas all the way to the summit of a gigantic ramp. Now that Thomas is at the top, it’s time to take in a big breath because he’s about to set off on an incredible ride!

This favorite blue engine speeds downwards, then the build up of velocity has him sailing through the air! Yes, you heard us correctly, Thomas takes to the sky.

His flight goes for more than 2 feet (0.6 meters), then he safely lands on the other side and, of course and gets on with his journey!

Based off The Great Race, Sky High Bridge Jump (it’s also called Thomas’ Sky High Bridge Jump) Thomas train set is a Trackmaster (Revolution).

Harold can pick Thomas up and bring him to the summit of a big hill, then he releases him.

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The Vicarstown Bridge is already closed, however the momentum that Thomas the train set gains from falling down the side of the hill lifts him into the air.

He then soars through the air for more than two feet, he clears the canal and safely lands on the mainland.

Then it’s possible for a barrel to be dropped from a cargo hopper, Thomas can push it into the landing area, or Harold can pick it up with a small hook.

The Adventure Isn’t Over Yet!

Once he’s landed on the other side, Thomas moves on, full steam ahead, passes the waving flags and goes back to the railway, after all when it comes to Really Useful Engines, there is always work to do!

Children have the option of tipping the barrel so that it lands on the tracks, then Thomas pushes it along so that is goes through the crossing sign and reaches the loading area.

If kids want even more fun, Harold can be removed from the train set and used as a separate toy.

It’s The Largest Trackmaster Set So Far

Over three feet (0.92 meters) in height and with a length of over 8 feet (2.67 meters), Thomas & Friends is proud to be the largest TrackMaster set so far!

In Thomas the train toys – Sky High Bridge Jump you are going to see him like never before as he takes on his most impressive task to date.

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In the Thomas and Friends train set you will get a Thomas train which is motorized, the trusty Harold the helicopter.

Plus the complete track layout including ramp and bridge fall, as well as the cargo hopper and piece.

thomas the train toys sky high jump set
Thomas The Train Toys – Sky High Jump is awesome

Thomas the Train Toys – Thrills That Will Let You Touch The Sky

At the end of the line, Harold will be at the ready to lift him up and bring him to the summit of the big hill.

Thomas will take to the air for more than 24 inches. Thomas will enjoy a safe landing and take to the rails once again.

Manufacturers recommended age is 3-6 years old.

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