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Lego VW Beetle Model
Lego VW Beetle Creator series has been developed more with adult or teenage collectors in mind.

And following the massive popularity and success that the company’s brick build Volkswagen van enjoyed.

This version of its iconic Volkswagen Beetle has now been released.

This set is comprised of 1,167 pieces, so building it will take you several hours.

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After it has been assembled the set makes an excellent show piece, and it offers a number of features that you can inspect, close or open if you are wanting to have some play associated with it.

It can be even be taken a step further and an entire beach style diorama can be built around the vehicle.

What Is The Cost?

At last check, this retails at just under a $150.

Who would want to purchase the Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle?

This set has been rated by Lego to be appropriate for those 16 years and older. However, from personal experience I know that younger boys (and probably girls as well) will love it.

And have been building Lego sets throughout their childhood will probably not have a lot of difficulty building this set.

Lego VW Beetle Is For Kids And Adults

Of course this set isn’t for kids only; adults will love building the classic lego vw beetle 2016 with its surfing theme also. The entire family can also have a great time building this set together.

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Things We Like About This Set

What really sold us on this vw lego beetle was the high level attention to detail that was put into creating it. From the back and front seats that tilt completely to the car trunk that opens up and reveals a small air cooled 4 cylinder engine.

The doors of the car can be opened to see inside or the entire roof can be removed. There are a number of little touches that come with it such as the surf board and detachable cooler that can be placed on the roof.

It also comes with a small beach towel and various number plates. When the vw lego beetle hood of the car is opened, a spare tire is revealed. Remember that the Volkswagen is back to front and the engine is situated in the rear of the car.

Things We Didn’t Like About This Lego VW Beetle

This is beautiful set and a great value. The only addition we can think of that would have been nice would have been to have a beauty in a bikini and a surfer miniature figure added.

Is This Lego Creator VW Beetle Worth The Cost?

This lego vw bug set is large and very detailed, so it is definitely worth the money that is charged. These Lego Sets quite often turn into collectors’ items and increase in value, so it could even be considered to be an investment.

Be sure you retain the instructions and box.

Keep the Box and Instructions for Higher Value if it Turns Into a Collectors Item

Where Can I Purchase The Set?

There are many local stores that carry Legos. However, not this specific product necessarily. They have an online store as well that you can purchase from along with other trustworthy online retailers that offer free shipping such as Amazon.

Our Final Thoughts

The Lego designers should be very proud of this new release. Almost all Lego collectors will love the classic 1960’s vehicle. The Volkswagen Beetle is truly an iconic car and its appeal has been captured perfectly by Lego.

Lego VW Beetle makes the perfect gift for any adult or teenager who likes building kits or is interested in classic cars.

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