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child size guitar toy for children
fun Elena Of Avalor Disney Storytime Guitar

Child size guitar from Elena of Avalor, she is one of the new Disney princesses.

Little girls will definitely love her adventurous and bold spirit.

On the other hand, parents will definitely appreciate the positive qualities that she offers.

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This makes her a great role model for young boys as well as girls. Some of the more noteworthy qualities of Elena’s include being compassionate and courageous.

She also has a great sense of humor and is very smart. Elena is also musically inclined, which will definitely endear her to both adults and children.

She plays the guitar quite well and has a very beautiful singing voice. The Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar now lets you play and sing just like Elena.

How much does it cost?

Parents will love that they can get their children an Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar for just around the $40.00 range.

Considering all of the numerous features that the children’s guitar offers, it is a very small price to have to pay.

Who should purchase this toy?

The manufacturers recommend their guitar for children who are at least three years old.

Children who are really interested in music will really love this adorable musical instrument.

This Child Size Guitar Can Spark An Interest In Music

If you would like to introduce your daughter to music, then it is a great move to get this guitar for her.

Young girls who love Disney princesses will definitely love having this guitar.

Things we really like about this toy

Elena in the television program is always depicted as somebody always playing her guitar and singing.

The guitar is an ideal replica of the guitar that Elena plays. You have story time fun also when you have the guitar.

Since you can play and sing songs from the television program just like Elena does. If you would like, you can also make up and play your very own songs.

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There are three featured songs from the television series that the guitar gives you to choose from: “Ready to Rule,” “My Time,” and “The Magic Within.”

A pick comes with the guitar, making it very easy to strum the chords.

Things we didn’t like about the toy

One thing that parents need to keep in mind is Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar is actually a toy guitar and not a real one, a small kids guitar.

Guitar For Children Makes A Great Gift!

Although you can play music on it, it’s not the same as playing a real guitar. So you will need to manage your expectations if you are planning on purchasing this product.

If you want your child to have the chance to learn how to actually play the guitar, it might be better to just get a real guitar for her.

However, the toy is a great introduction to musical instruments and guitars overall, a great small guitar for kids.

Your child might gain a great appreciation of music through this toy and aspire to become a professional musician when they grow up.

Is it worth the price?

Yes, it definitely is. It’s a great educational toy. Your child could become a music lover, as we previously mentioned.

Where can it be purchased?

You can buy the Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar from certain select Toys “R’ Us branches along with their online shop.

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It is also available on Amazon as well as other online stores that sell toys.

My Final Thoughts 
If you are searching for a toy to help introduce music to your child, then this child size guitar one will do exactly that.

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