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Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll With Flying Cat ToyBarbie Star Light Galaxy Doll With Flying Cat toy.

If you have seen the Barbie movie, then you won’t be shocked to see her.

In it you see the Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll along with her flying pet, Hover Cat.

Together, the Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll and Flying Cat regale some stories that are astronomical in proportion.

These intergalactic adventurers have saved the galaxy more than once and now return home to join the rest of your Barbie doll stuff, thanks to Mattel.

Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll with Flying Cat – Bring the Barbie Adventure Movie Home to your Barbie Fan!

The Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll with Flying Cat is an accurate recreation from the movie.

And with them, you can either honor the film in your collection, or let a child or someone young at heart recreate the escapades and adventures in space in their playtime.

Barbie doll buyers, keep reading to learn what this set gets right, why it might not be right for some collectors, and whether or not you should buy it yourself.

What Is The Price?

Expect to pay around $24.99 for the Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll with Flying Cat toy set. That’s a bit more than most Barbies, but it comes with extras that they don’t.

Based on the Barbie doll pictures, the toy faithfully recreates Barbie as she was in the film, so the pricing seems accurate.

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Who Buys This?

It is clear that the makers of this toy are specifically focusing on Barbie movie fans.

Having said that, even general Barbie fans unfamiliar with the film are likely to adore this piece.

On the other hand, if you are into classic Barbie doll stuff with fancy dresses and girly accessories, this might be worth passing over.

It better suits collectors and fans with an adventurous sense that don’t mind the iconic girl going on dangerous adventures and doing some dirty work.

What’s Good About It?

One crazy fun feature here is that the cat actually does fly. One of Barbie’s legs has a button to control the action. This is done by connecting the cat leash to Barbie’s hands.

Then, press the button to witness the astonishing sight of the flying cat, which has propellers activated by the button.

It is an aspect to this Barbie sure to delight storytellers and highly imaginative children.

Barbie is the star here, and looks as good as ever. In this incarnation, the global icon is wearing a pink jumpsuit that looks like it is from the future but would still amaze on today’s catwalk and fashion runways.

The rest of her ensemble includes silver boots, a blue utility belt, a shiny holographic vest, a plastic skirt, and a blue star hair-clip.

When you feel like the cat needs a nap or break from flying around, the spacesuit is removable.
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What’s Not Great About It?

The Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll with Flying Cat is by no means perfect. If you want a classic Barbie addition for your collection, then this is not it.

Additionally, the doll is unable to stand upright unsupported. This is problematic for collectors who like to display their pieces.

Is It A Good Buy?

This Barbie is a little more in price than typical Barbie dolls; however this is still worth every penny thanks to the multitude of appealing features.

On top of all that, it comes with a flying cat!

Where Is It Available?

The Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll with Flying Cat can be found in most retailers that offer Barbie dolls, as well as online outlets, like

A Closing Comment

Barbie collectors and fans of any age range would find this an ideal addition to their collection.

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