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best robot toys for sale review

Best robot toys this year.

You may be sharing your home with these tiny lizards also known as Gecko.

Maybe you have encountered them during some of your trips.

There are over 1,500 Gecko species in the world.

The Advantages Of Buying This Awesome Robots For Kids

However, this article isn’t about the lizards, but rather about this new building toy called the Geckobot. It enables you build your own Gecko robot.

Current Pricing From Amazon Here

Designed by Thames and Kosmos, this educational toy is the latest addition to their already wide range of products.

Featuring 176 parts, the Geckobot is able to walk vertically up any wall window or similar surface.

One Of The Newest Best Robot Toys Available

Its mechanism is based on a motor which drives an air suction pump, the result being a leg movement similar to the one of Gecko lizards.

The tail which moves side to side together with the legs gives this toy a very realistic look.

What’s The Price?

This funny robot has just become available on the market, you can buy robot toys online, the price for this Gecko robot is around $50.

Who Is The Geckobot For?

This toy would appeal to most kids aged eight and over. As you have to build it from its parts, it is similar to those LEGO sets everybody loves.

Children who are interested in science and nature are surely going to love it, as they would be thrilled to build their own Gecko lizard.

In addition, they may learn a thing or two about these creatures, so this toy would actually be welcome in all homes with inquisitive kids.

What We Like About The Geckobot

We like this educational toy because it can teach children science. In addition, the fact that they have to build the toy themselves.

You Can Buy Here

This contributes to the understanding of how the various body parts of a lizard work. The fully illustrated manual is very detailed and extremely useful in assembling the toy.

The same manual can be used to build other six models belonging to the same series of toys that includes a car, an octopus, a mechanical arm, an insect, a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum holder.

What We Disliked

This toy is cool! We can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t want to have a wall crawling robot of their own.

We can’t find anything wrong with the Geckobot, no matter how hard we’d try.

Is The Geckobot Worth Buying?

If you offer the Geckobot to the right child, it would be worth every single dollar.

Kids who have a special interest in science and nature are going to be thrilled by this toy.

They are going to be more interested in learning more about various insects and life forms.

Where Are The Robot Toys For Sale?

Amazon is perhaps the best place to check, in order to see when the Geckobot will become available.

This should happen before the end of 2016, so stay tuned and prepare your credit card to place your order.

Other retailers may sell it as well, but it’s hard to tell in advance which ones.


This educational toy is special, thus being a good choice for many children. The fact that you can play with it, but also build it yourself.

Makes it one of the best robot toys for sale, the Geckobot is worth buying.

Considering all these, we can safely say the price tag is just right for this best robot toys, a very cute robot has to offer.

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