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Star Trek Flying Drones For Sale pictureStar Trek flying drones for sale.
Besides seeing the release of Star Trek Beyond in theaters.

This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek’s television debut.

To celebrate these momentous times in the fandom.

Air Hogs is putting out the Star Trek Enterprise Flying Drone.

The drone is modeled after the NCC-1701-A. The classic ship from the movies starring the original cast.

What Is It Going To Cost?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Star Trek Enterprise Drone is $130.00

Check Price Out On Amazon Here

Who’s The Ideal Buyer For This Drone?

Obviously, this is going to be a huge hit with drone enthusiasts who are also Star Trek fans.

This is the first officially-licensed drone version of the Enterprise ever sold. It may be appreciated by younger fans who are getting to know the franchise through the newer movie, too.

Folks who are really dedicated to performance drones probably aren’t going to be that interested, though.

Although the design is unique, the only real draw here is the careful recreation of the classic starship.

The USS Enterprise Drone carries a recommended age of ten and up.

Star Trek Flying Drones For Sale review
Air Hogs, Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone

Strong Points Of The Enterprise Drone

It’s immediately obvious when you see it that this drone is no quick cash-in.

A lot of effort has been invested in making it look and sound like the real thing.

It has 10 different functions involving lighting and sound effects.

Which includes accurate noises for firing the phasers and turning on the warp drive.

Physically, the USS Enterprise Drone is a very unconventional shape for a quadcopter.

The active props are concealed inside the saucer section of the starship in order to fit the classic look fans are expecting.

Though you might think this unusual design makes the drone fragile, early users report that it can survive multiple crashes without picking up any serious damage.

Potential Drawbacks Of The Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone

This drone is going to draw in a lot of first-time flyers who haven’t handled a quadcopter before.

That’s probably going to result in quite a few crashes. Our suggestion is to take things slow and master your flying skills indoors before you launch this drone into the open air.

There’s also the distinct possibility that this product is going to end up with significant value to collectors.

In which case flying it (or worse yet, damaging it) would be a bad thing.

Is The Star Trek Drone Worth The Cost?

$130 is a pretty steep price for a basic quadcopter drone. A lot of other models at this price point include a decent camera, which you don’t get with the Enterprise Drone.

Still, the enthusiasts who are really interested in the Star Trek Enterprise Drone know what they’re paying for – a great-looking recreation of this iconic space vehicle.

For folks who are fans of both Star Trek and drones, Star Trek flying drones for sale is going to be a “must buy.”

Where Is The Enterprise Drone Sold?

The Air Hogs line of flying RC vehicles (made by Spin Master) is carried by both RC stores and toy shops.

Where To Buy A Drone?

Drone online shopping is always an option, of course, and the Enterprise Drone is sure to turn up on sites like Amazon.

Read More User Reviews and Check Current Price at Amazon Here

Final Thoughts

If you are a serious Trekkie the likelihood is that your mind is going to already be made up regarding the purchase of this Star Trek Enterprise Quadcopter.

Those interested in TV collectibles might want to speculate and pick this up as a collector’s item.

We think that Air Hogs have got the design spot on. To see your own real-life miniature version of the Starship U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701A.

Cruising through the air boldly going where no man has gone before is just amazing!

Summary Of Star Trek Flying Drones For Sale

Die-Hard Star Trek fans who have always wanted to fly the Enterprise are already getting out their wallets.

Based on our experience, we can say with confidence that this Air Hogs drone will not disappoint.

You’ll get this machine fired up and before you know it you’ll be boldly going where no drone has gone before.

Star Trek flying drones for sale for a Christmas or birthday present is a winner.

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