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John Deere Toys YouTube Video

If you are looking for the right toy to take outdoor play excitement to another level, John Deere ride on toys presents Ground Force Tractor and trailer, this is what you should get.

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Children will love listening to FM radio while they drive one of the John Deere farm toys, John Deere Ground Force that comes with a detachable trailer.

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John Deere Toys For Sale

Two to seven year old children can load up the extra-large trailer and then deliver their payload with the John Deere toys for kids.

It comes with an adjustable seat that has flip-up armrests. Driving is a breeze thanks to the 4WD farm tractor wheels, 2-Speeds, reverse, 2-1/4 or 4-1/2 miles per hour.

Driving is Easy With Ground Force Tractor

Has automatic brakes, parents can control the speed using the second gear lockout feature. A 12V rechargeable battery and charger are also included.

John Deere ride on toys are made in the United States at the Fort Wayne factory in Indiana using both global and domestic components.

John Deere ride on toy tractor
John Deere Ground Force Toy

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– Accelerator pedal and automatic brakes

– Operational FM Radio

– Farm tractor wheels to provide the necessary traction on pavement, gravel, or dirt

– 2 speeds including reverse

– Adjustable seat featuring flip-up armrests
Questions & Answers

Is the charger provided or do you need to buy one?

The charger is provided. The battery holds a charge for a decent amount of time. Even though originally bought for our 3-year old grandson (who actually does quite well on it under the watchful eyes of his sisters, our son-in-law, or our daughter) his sisters actually ride it more that he does. It bears the appearance of a properly made tractor that can offer numerous hours of enjoyment.

Does it come already assembled?

No, you can expect at least one hour on assembly.

Is the battery provided?

Yes it is. A charger is also provided. The first time that you charge the battery, you should do it for at least 18 hours to extend the life of the battery. My 3 year old son can play for about 4 hours and he is in love with it. The next time we charge it is usually 4 to 5 hours before using it. I love this John Deere ride on toys vehicle. I bought it for my 3 year old grandson. My husband helped him learn how to reverse and turn. He is now able to park it in the garage on his own. We have a slope in our front yard and he appears quite stable on it. He now drives it all over out yard with the cart loaded with toys. It has been quite helpful since we usually watch him for many hours.

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Manufacturers recommended age: 2-7 years old

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